COVID-19 – virus

Ærøfærgerne: all ferry crossings 

Due to the increasing consequences of Covid-19/Corona Ærøfærgerne has chosen to enforce prepayment on all travel for both walk-on passengers and vehicles. To minimize the spread of virus cars and walk-on passengers without a valid prepaid reservation will unfortunately not be accepted on board. Cars in the lane for cars without reservation will not be boarded.

Reservations can be made online at or by phone on +45 62524000 during our office hours.

The capacity on board for passengers is reduced to 250 passengers on the crossing between Ærøskøbing and Svendborg, 145 passengers between Søby and Faaborg and 125 passengers between Søby and Fynshav. 

All customers must make a booking and pay in advance before meeting up at the departure. This applies to both walk-on passengers and vehicles.

As of June 2nd 2020 passengers wishing to remain in the car during the crossing must obtain permission at least 24 hours in advance of boarding the ferry by calling +45 62524000.

As a walk-on passenger you are required to show your reservation when boarding the ferry.

Walk-on passengers are required to disperse themselves as widely as possible across the passenger salons and cafeteria seating areas and keep as much of a distance as possible to others. 

In emergency situations you can call our office on +45 62 52 40 00 to make a booking and make the payment over the phone or in person.

It is on board and at the office not possible to make payment using cash or manual ticket coupons.

The cafeteria on board is open, but with a limited menu of food and beverages.

If you are infected you must travel by ambulance on Ærøfærgerne.

If you travel by car and are submitted into quarantine or suspect that you are a carrier of the virus you must remain in your vehicle during the crossing. You must also contact Ærøfærgerne in advance of your journey. 

If you are submitted into quarantine or suspect that you are a carrier of the virus you MUST NOT travel on foot with Ærøfærgerne. 

Taxi service for the last arrival to Ærø will only allow 3 persons at a time. Those who are not allowed on the first taxi will be collected at the ferry as soon as possible afterwards. 

It is crucial that all passengers respect these special measurements and follow the instructions of the crew on board and ashore.

We cannot guarantee that our ferries are free from infection. It is the passengers own responsibility to ensure their safety against possible infection.

COVID-19 Information: Informationen für Touristen in Dänemark

COVID-19 Information: Information for tourists in Denmark


COVID-19 – virus

The office of Ærøfærgerne in Ærøskøbing

We ask that all enqueries are dealt with over the phone on +45 62524000.


COVID-19 – virus

Busses on Ærø


The busses operate with a reduced passenger capacity of appr. 40 spaces / 2 passenger per double seat. There is no areas for standing passengers.

Entry to and exit from the bus is only through the door towards the back of the bus.

Please avoid contact with the busdriver.

Larger groups should contact +45 62 63 10 10 prior to travelling.


All of the above emergency measurements are in place until further notice and are subject to change according to new guidelines from the authorities.


We advise you to keep yourself updated on The Danish Health Authority's website


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