All departures are suspended between Fynshav–Søby (Ærøfærgerne) from 5/3 to 3/5-2018 (incl.) due to planned reconstruction of the ferry berth in Fynshav.

Compensation is available during this period, when purchasing a ticket for the Fynshav-Bøjden crossing (Alsfærgen).

Customers travelling to Ærø have the option of using the Fynshav-Bøjden crossing and will, upon showing the ticket purchased on the Fynshav-Bøjden crossing, be allowed to bring a car free of charge on any crossing from Faaborg-Søby or Svendborg-Ærøskøbing for their onwards journey.

The compensation is only available if the date of the crossing from Faaborg-Søby and Svendborg-Ærøskøbing is the same date as that shown on the ticket between Fynshav-Bøjden. Compensation will not be available for passengers in the car, the driver of the car or passengers travelling without a car.

Ticketing to Ærø from Faaborg or Svendborg:

Cars with or without Trailer and MC will be transferred free of charge (upon presentation of a valid ticket from the Fynshav-Bøjden crossing). Return tickets for passengers are available for purchase during the crossing. We strongly advise you to make a reservation for your car to ensure available space on your chosen departure.

Link to reservation for Fynshav-Bøjden (Alsfærgen):

Link to reservation for Faaborg-Søby and Svendborg-Ærøskøbing (Ærøfærgerne):

Link to card: