Cookies on Ærøfærgernes website

What is a Cookie.
A cookie is a small text file, which is stored on your browser, allowing your computer to be recognized if visiting our site again. A cookie on our website may contain text, digits or perhaps a date, but will contain no personal data. A cookie is not a program and cannot host virus.

Which types of Cookies are used.
The website uses exclusively technical and tracking cookies.

Technical Cookie.
The website uses technical Cookies essential to the functionality of the website

Tracking Cookie.
We utilize Google analysis to create user-related statistics. These are gathered using the cookie analytics.js. No personal data is registered. The cookie gathers information about the location of your device based on the IP-address, which subpages you visit on our website as well as the duration of your visit. We use this data to optimize our website and provide you with the best possible experience. We use systems from Google Analytics and Google User Content for this purpose.

Blocking and deleting Cookies.
If you do not wish to store Cookies on your device, you can choose not to accept Cookies and to delete Cookies already on your hard drive. You do this within your own internet browser, where you can change the settings to block Cookies and delete Cookies stored. We refer to the individual online help, available for your specific browser, for more details of how to do this.
As a user you should be aware that our website may not retain 100% functionality if you delete or block cookies.