Passengers with special needs

Passengers with special needs - for example walking impaired, wheelchair users, sight impaired - must at point of embarkation advise the crew if they need special assistance in case of an emergency situation arising. Passengers with special needs, travelling unaccompanied, must advice the shipping line of their planned journey with Ærøfærgerne at least 48 hours in advance, to allow for assistance from the crew to be planned ahead.

On the crossing between Ærøskøbing-Svendborg there is access to a lift from the car deck to the passengers deck. It is possible to request placement within as close proximity of the lift as possible, when making a reservation for a vehicle. Please note that it is possible for the shipping line to place one vehicle directly by the lift, while all other vehicles with a need for access to the lift will be placed as close to the lift as possible.

As there are limited spaces available for each departure we ask that you consider the actual need for a placement close to the elevator before requesting it from the shipping line.

All request must be made by phone to Ærøfærgerne on +45 62 52 40 00.

If you are walking-impaired you cannot use the crossing between Søby-Faaborg /Faaborg-Søby or Søby-Fynshav/Fynshav-Søby as access between the upper passenger deck and the car deck is only possible by means of stairs and boarding and disembarkation is only possible via the car deck in Faaborg. Therefore walking-impaired passengers must use the crossing between Ærøskøbing-Svendborg / Svendborg-Ærøskøbing.

Passengers not arriving by car, but still wishing to use the lift, must embark via the car deck. The same applies to passengers bringing a buggy or pram. 

Passengers wishing to use the lift are required to turn up well in advance of the loading of the vessel to ensure that access to the lift is obtainable.

The shipping line cannot guarantee assistance from the crew nor placement by or access to the lift unless the request has been received at least 48 hours prior to the departure.