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A top-up voucher is not a physical card, but a digital card which can be used for booking and payment online. The voucher works as follows:

 You need to have an account on My Page. If you do not you need to create one. Please refer to our quick-guide on how to do this

 Then log into My Page

Chose Coupon Codes and then Buy new codes or vouchers.

It is important to use the same email address as the one you use when making a reservation with us and receive a confirmation on.

Upon completing the purchase you receive a unique code. When you then book next time using My Page the voucher will be shown as a payment option and by choosing this option your code will automatically be applied.

The amount will then be drawn from your voucher and your available balance will be reduced.

When using the voucher as payment you receive 10% discount on all passengers booked. There is no discount on the vehicles, but it can be used as payment for both passengers and vehicles.

The voucher has a set price of 1.200 DKK and you can purchase a renewal anytime for 1200 DKK again using the same email address.

An unused available balance on a voucher can be refunded by contacting us.

Any 10% discount applied on purchases will be deducted though from the refund.

Buy a top-up voucher here

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