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The EU General Data Protection Regulation and Ærøfærgerne

Ærøfærgerne, Vestergade 1a, 5970 Ærøskøbing, 28856075 / SE no. 32544878

We only collect Personal Data when relevant and will only do so if relevant for your activity with Ærøfærgerne.

When collecting, processing and using your Personal Data we adhere to all relevant and current legislation.

We only store your Personal Data while there is either a legal obligation placed on us or as long as the data is relevant for the intention with which it was originally collected.

Data which we collect

If you wish to book with Ærøfærgerne and pay for a reservation, we need to collect certain Personal Data in order to complete the reservation and offer you our services. We only use the cookies of technical necessity to complete your booking online with us. Information on cookies will not be collected for marketing purposes or sales. 

We collect data such as name, email address, car registration number, postal address, telephone number and payment information.

Ærøfærgerne collect and process your Personal Data when you carry out the following:

- Visit our website

- Complete a booking

- Create a credit account

Ærøfærgerne use your Personal Data to:

  • Create a booking
  • Carry out a financial transaction
  • Inform you of operational conditions by email and text message
  • Travelling patterns
  • Statistical purposes
  • Processing enqueries, complaints and compensation requests

Data controller

The Data Controller responsible for collecting, processing and using your personal data on is: Data Controller, Vestergade 1a, 5970 Ærøskøbing

The basis and purpose for process of data

We collect your basic contact data such as name and address in order to deliver the product or service, which you have purchased from us. Your email adress is also collected to be able to send you a confirmation of said purchase.

When you make payment for your booking we collect your name, card details and IP-address. This data, collected as part of the payment process, is utilised and stored only for the purpose of completing this single financial transaction and fulfil the terms of this one agreement. When carrying out payments some of your data will be passed on to a relevant payment platform, including any information required to complete and support the payment ( such as the amount due and data of the payee for invoicing purposes ).

Should you not wish to provide the Personal Data required to complete a booking you will unfortunately not be able to make a such nor pay in advance for it on our website.

Anonymization and deletion of data

Your bookings will be anonymized 3 years after you created them. All of your data will be completely deleted after 5 years.

Other recipients of personal data

We do not sell your Personal Data onto any third parties and we do not transfer your data onto third countries

We use external companies as suppliers in order to deliver the best possible products and services, These external suppliers are Data Processors and in some specific cases they process Personal Data in order to be able to deliver their services to Ærøfærgerne. Our Data Processors process such data solely within the framework of our instructions and in accordance with the legislation governing Data Processors.

Ærøfærgerne have a Data Processing Agreement with each of our Data Processors, which serves as a guarantee that they too adhere to all current legislation concerning protection of your Personal Data on our behalf..

Video and TV surveillance

We conduct TV surveillance on some of our ferries as a way of safeguarding the safety on board. Where there is surveillance this will be visible to our passengers through clear signage on board the applicable vessel.

Rights of the Data Subject

As the Data Subject you have a range of rights which we will at all times ensure are met. You have the right to request the following from us:

  • To gain access to and have changes made to your Personal Data
  • To have Personal Data deleted

You also have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data and you have the right to lodge a complaint with a Data Protection Supervisory Authority.

Should you wish to exercise your right for us to no longer process or limit the processing of your Personal Data you can always send us a written request on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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General Data Protection Regulation at Ærøfærgerne